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An overview of the Shelby Consulting company

Company Profile

Shelby Consulting is a niche management consulting company passionate about using our private sector skills to help organisations and public sector agencies get the best results from their people and services.

With 4 divisions to our business, providing a unique, fully integrated suite of services, our specialist knowledge and practical experience span the Management, HR, Evaluation and Training spectrum.
Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced  with more than 600 completed recruitment and selection processes, 250 classifications, 75+ consulting assignments, 50 Evaluations projects  and over 120 training courses. This means we’ve seen a lot of issues in a lot of different contexts and can draw on this knowledge to offer you solutions that work. We’ve worked in both management and operational roles so are pragmatic about what can be achieved. We will offer you a solution that works in practice.

We take pride in our accumulated knowledge, and our ability to deliver expertise and insight to our clients. Our reputation is evident in the ongoing consultancies we are currently providing for both government and non government agencies.

  • "Before the coaching, I was searching to understand more as to my actions in terms of my professional and personal life. The coaching allowed me to identify and understand more about me and the relationship between my true self and the linkage between my actions and at times inaction. I found the process to be challenging yet extremely rewarding. Heather adapted to the situation and brought the best out of me. As a result, I felt comfortable to share with Heather and her professionalism to unpack more of particular topics allowed for greater personal and professional growth. I would recommend Heather for anyone looking to identify what is hidden within them-self and in simple terms understand why we do what we do as it all comes from somewhere and Heather will help you interpret and understand that link."

    Manager, Public Sector Agency
  • "Before the coaching I was looking for a new direction but not sure about taking the plunge. I found the process extremely helpful in a) better understanding what I wanted and b) prioritising how to reach those goals. As a result I have launched my interiors business, and am doing what I love. I would recommend Heather for anyone looking to find clarity. She has a lovely manner, and provides both useful and thought provoking guidance throughout the coaching period."

    Dr Sacha DeVelle, Owner - SDV Interiors
  • "Before the coaching I was struggling to make changes in some aspects of my life that I knew I needed to make, but i could not make any changes stick. I found the process was really well structured and guided. It made me think and work through the issues differently. It was very effective and I appreciated that there was a solid tried and tested logical psychological basis to the process. As a result I have had success with resolving most the issues that I wanted to address during the coaching. I have achieved a different frame of mind - from being 'stuck' - to successfully 'getting on with it!' I would highly recommend Heather for anyone looking to get out of that feeling of being stuck and to successfully move forward with whatever it is that they want to change for the better."

    Philippa, Public Sector Manager
  • "We recently engaged Shelby to help peer review an upcoming community survey. Heather enabled us to re look at our proposal and move away from “local government speak” to develop something that was much more approachable and relevant for our community. I really appreciate her expertise and it gives me confidence in the survey we have created. I look forward to working with Shelby Consulting again in the future."

    Executive Manager, Local Government
  • "Over the years Heather at Shelby Consulting has provided consistently high quality work for the city and is a delight to work with."

    Executive Manager, Local Government
  • "In 2012 Shelby completed data analysis for a large community engagement project with varying types of data collected in many different ways. Heather and her team did an excellent job evaluating the feedback and prepared a report which highlighted key themes for our community that guided the development of our Strategic Community Plan."

    Executive Manager, Local Government
  • "I thought it was very informative and I have come away with a number of strategies to enhance my leadership skills. It was also reaffirming to know that I am heading in a positive direction. Thanks again for a well presented workshop."

    Business Manager Government Department
  • "Shai was very knowledgeable and a good speaker."

    Course Participant, Dealing with Difficult Situations

Why Choose Us

Our highly experienced consultants have worked in operational and management roles. They’re not going to give you a “one size fits all solution” because they know how it works in practice.
  • Winner of the 2014 Best Evaluation Study Award by the AES.
  • 600 completed recruitment and selection processes and 250 classifications.
  • 75 consulting assignments and over 120 training courses.
  • Selected for the whole of government panel for off the shelf training packages.
  • Service provider to over 50 different Government departments

Our Values

Shelby’s values underpin all of our work. The following values are integral to how we operate.

Our consultants have a strong technical background and an intimate knowledge of Public Sector Standards and processes. The application of and compliance with public sector standards, policy and legislation is critical within this area and has been undertaken successfully in all services provided.
We take pride in the accumulated knowledge and experience and our ability to deliver expertise and insight we provide to our clients. Our reputation in human resources and evaluation is evident in the ongoing consultancies we are currently providing for both government and non government agencies.
Our consultants are tertiary qualified in a range of areas bringing a breadth of perspectives to our roles. We purposely work in a variety of disciplines, including education, justice, community development and social welfare to ensure we maintain a multi-disciplinary knowledge of theory and practice. This often allows us additional insights and a wide range of models to choose from due to cross fertilisation over different disciplines. Our combination of highly competent professionals with excellent research and analysis skills and high level theoretical and conceptual thinkers we provide clients with research that is both robust and insightful.
As a project strategy, the consultants operate as a team, with different levels of responsibility allocated to match their skills and expertise. Consequently, all consultants remain informed about projects for their duration through close collaboration. This allows us to harness and focus our resources in critical periods and to ensure continuity throughout our projects.
We work cooperatively and take pride in our ability to maintain effective communication with our clients. Our consultants are at all times considerate of the ethical and social justice considerations of projects undertaken and are justly discreet in the application of measures and the conclusions drawn. The input of all stakeholders is afforded at every opportunity.
Our expert staff works with rigorous and well-proven project management, quality and costing systems. We ensure projects are well resourced and managed and we take pride in our ability to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Shelby is committed to meeting the specified timeframes for projects, recognising the importance of this issue to clients in achieving their overall objectives.


Shelby utilises an effective quality management system including procedures that ensure the effective planning, operation and control of the company’s processes.

Management Responsibility
As part of our comprehensive quality system our project team structures and responsibilities are clearly defined. The Directors of Shelby have the responsibility for the performance and overall management of quality within the organisation. The Directors therefore provide an independent review of the work completed and in progress, and ensure quality has been attained.
Resource Management
Shelby manages human, financial and physical resources in a planned and accountable fashion. To achieve our performance improvement objectives we encourage the development of all staff and empower them in identifying and implementing quality improvement.
Product Realisation
Shelby has developed the processes for product realisation. Planning of product realisation is consistent with the requirements of the quality management system. In planning product realisation we consider the quality objectives and requirements of our clients and the need to establish processes, documents, and provide resources specific to our clients’ needs.
Measurement, Analysis & Improvement
Shelby’s quality management system is regularly monitored internally to ensure quality standards are maintained and improved to ensure that our outputs meet the clients’ and the company’s needs and expectations. We are systematic in the use of qualitative and quantitative feedback as a basis for identifying and prioritising improvement opportunities. We also regularly review our quality policy and objectives to ensure that they meet our clients’ needs and promote our business success.

Our Team

Meet Our Consultants

Rob Vietch Rob Vietch Director (Human Resources)

Rob Vietch

Director (Human Resources)

Rob Vietch
MBA, BBus, Dip Personnel Mgmt, MAHRI

As Director, Human Resources at Shelby Consulting, Rob is the lead HR practitioner and classification specialist with extensive expertise in human resource management and review of organisational structures in the Western Australian Public Sector.

He has substantial experience in position classification, change management, recruitment and selection, employee grievance management, performance agreements and employee recognition. Previously, as Principal Human Resource Consultant at Estill and Associates, Rob managed all human resource projects including organisational change and implementation, structural review analysis, workforce planning, classification determination and strategic human resources development.

This included numerous structural and functional reviews for a variety of government agencies. Prior to this he has held management positions at the Water Corporation with responsibility for the development, management and coordination of human resource functions in the Perth South, Great Southern and South West Regions.

Whilst at the Water Corporation Rob was the Chairperson for the Agency’s Criteria Progression Committee for two years and an active member of the Classification Review Committee for five years. Rob leads a highly experienced team of Senior HR Consultants and delivers professional, high quality and cost effective human resources services.

Jocelyn Grace Jocelyn Grace Senior Consultant (Evaluation)

Jocelyn Grace

Senior Consultant (Evaluation)

Jocelyn Grace
PhD (Medical Anthropology/Asian Studies), BSc (Hons), Fellow of the Australian Anthropological Society, MAES

Jocelyn has worked with Heather Aquilina since 2004.

She has conducted research and carried out applied work in Australia and Southeast Asia over the past three decades. As an international development consultant during the 1990s and early 2000s Jocelyn designed, reviewed and evaluated projects in the health and rural development sectors in Indonesia and Timor Leste for USAID, AusAID and World Bank.

In Australia Jocelyn has been a university lecturer, research fellow, manager of Native Title research for two Aboriginal Land Councils and a research consultant. As a research fellow at Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin, she taught Qualitative Research Methods and Sociology of Health in the MPH program, conducted research with Indigenous people and supervised doctoral students.   Jocelyn’s strengths are qualitative data collection, analysis and report writing as well as literature reviews.

She works effectively in cross-cultural setting, with people of diverse backgrounds. Over the past decade, Jocelyn has conducted numerous project evaluations and reviews in Western Australia, most requiring her to travel around the state to consult with key stakeholders.

She has worked on projects in the justice, women’s and children’s services, education and health sectors. Examples are the Prisoner Re-entry Program, the ’Get the Facts’ Youth Website, the Family Violence Courts and the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centres.

Christina Ballantyne Christina Ballantyne Consultant

Christina Ballantyne


Christina Ballantyne
MA, MEd (Hons), PGDipSocResEval, MAES

Christina Ballantyne has over twenty years experience in survey research and evaluation, with expertise in questionnaire design, qualitative and quantitative methodology and online surveys.

She is currently an independent consultant and until early 2014 was a Senior Research Officer in Management Information and Planning at Murdoch University.

Christina was responsible for managing the institutional surveys undertaken at Murdoch University, i.e. the student evaluation system, the national UES (University Experience Survey), AGS (Australian Graduate Surveys, comprising Graduate Destination Survey/Course Experience Questionnaire and the Postgraduate Research Experience), the Whole of University Experience Survey, and for providing direction to senior management on the appropriate use of the data.

Christina also has considerable experience in running evaluations using focus groups and interviewing and has contributed to several external consultancies.

Consultancy work includes the evaluation of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council funded Promoting Excellence Initiative at Murdoch University, conducting focus groups with stakeholders as part of Lessons Learnt on Term Contracts project for Main Roads, WA and design of an online survey to identify energy efficient assessment skills as part of a project undertaken for the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

Christina was, from 2000 to 2008 a member of the national Survey Research Group which advises on the AGS suite of surveys run by Graduate Careers Australia. She has published several papers relating to online surveys and to evaluation of teaching and courses.

Heather Aquilina Heather Aquilina Director (Evaluation)

Heather Aquilina

Director (Evaluation)

Heather Aquilina
MBA, BEng(Mech)(Hons), GradDipArts (ConsultHum&SocSc), MAES

Heather Aquilina is Director, Evaluation and Review at Shelby Consulting.

Before this, Heather managed the evaluation and review function at Estill & Associates for 7 years. Heather is a skilled project manager who brings together a combination of academic rigour and social sensitivity. She has a unique ability to balance multiple priorities within complex projects and her excellent negotiation skills ensure that objectives and requirements are clear, and time frame commitments are realistic so that projects can be completed as planned. Heather has been involved in evaluations and business process reviews for a number of departments and subject areas and is a member of the WA chapter of the Australasian Evaluation Society. Heather has worked on a range of projects based on improved efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

These have included the development of measures of effectiveness for the Department of Indigenous Affairs, program and project evaluation for the Department of Education, Department of Corrective Services and Department for Community Development (previous) as well as organisational reviews for various local government departments.

Heather’s work has seen her undertake in-depth interviews with management and staff, stakeholders and the community. Heather is comfortable working with a range of client groups and with sensitive subjects. The projects have varied from relatively simple satisfaction surveys to complex, long timeframe reviews, involving multiple data collection activities and multiple stakeholders.

Carol Foley Carol Foley Marketing & Admin Assistant

Carol Foley

Marketing & Admin Assistant

Carol Foley
Cert IV Business

Carol has over 10 years experience in the marketing industry dealing with a wide variety of clients across many different organisations in Ireland, the UK and Australia.

Carol migrated to Perth in 2012 and prior to joining the Shelby team worked as a territory consultant for a green energy company.She monitors, reviews and reports on all marketing activity and results here at Shelby.

She supports marketing operations by compiling, formatting, and reporting information and materials. Carol undertakes market research to assist in the development and implementation of strategic marketing projects. Additionally she provides research and administrative support to Shelby consultants for various evaluations and human resources projects.

Kim Bridge Kim Bridge Consultant

Kim Bridge


Kim Bridge
BBus (Accounting/Personnel)

Since 1996, Kim has been Principal of Kim Bridge and Associates offering a multi-disciplined service specialising in organisation and small business facilitation, personal and professional development, and Indigenous cross-cultural awareness facilitation.

Kim has experience that extends over twenty years working in the business and economic environment, particularly with Indigenous Australians, both at an individual and community level. He has worked with both the government and private sectors, always operating within a framework of integrity, accountability and confidentiality.

With this diverse range of experience, Kim is able to assist with many aspects of business and people development within organisations. The resulting benefits are effective implementation of activities, attainment of real results and the achievement of organisations’ goals and objectives.   Kim has a strong affiliation and connection with regional Australia.

He was born and raised in the East Kimberley and has lived and worked extensively in regional areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. This has enabled him to encounter many personal and business experiences and gain sound knowledge of the varied issues encountered by people living in these locations.

Shai Harris Shai Harris Senior Consultant (Human Resources)

Shai Harris

Senior Consultant (Human Resources)

Shai Harris
BSc (Psych), CAHRI, JP

As a Senior HR Consultant and the Training Manager for Shelby, Shai is responsible for projects encompassing the full range of recruitment, classification and restructure, training and professional development, and general HR assignments across a diverse range of public sector agencies.

She is highly experienced project manager skilled at using her in-depth knowledge to provide consultancy support for a broad range of HR functions and identifying high-level issues and developing strategies to distill them into pragmatic achievable tasks and actions which organisations can implement and translate into results.

She has very strong policy development and implementation skills and has been responsible for the management and delivery of some of Shelby’s largest and most complex restructure, organisational change, classification, job design and recruitment projects. Shai has over 20 years’ experience in strategic and operational human resources in high-level specialist and generalist HR positions in commercial and public sector organisations.

She has extensive experience in using and applying the BIPERs assessment tool, and is accredited as a Mercer Job Evaluation System endorsed practitioner (since 1996), as a Human Synergistics circumplex consultant and coach (since 2007) and as a user of the INFOHRM Workforce Planning Model and Tools which she has used to develop workforce planning strategies for clients and previous employers. Shai’s strengths are ensuring high levels of communication are maintained throughout her projects and providing client focused service to deliver tangible business outcomes.

She has a passion for facilitating organisational and cultural change through professional coaching and behavioural transformation while working closely with managers to identify issues and developing strategic solutions.

Jade Coward Jade Coward Office Co-ordinator & Human Resources Suport

Jade Coward

Office Co-ordinator & Human Resources Suport

Jade Coward
Cert IV HR Mgt, Cert III Bus Mgt, SAHRI

Jade is the first point of contact for Shelby Consulting clients.

She has worked in a variety of customer service and administrative roles and has a keen interest in the human resources and training sectors.

Jade provides professional and friendly administrative and logistical support to Shelby’s senior consultants across a range of human resources, management and evaluation and review projects.

Lisa Standen

Lisa Standen Senior Consultant

Lisa Standen

Senior Consultant

Lisa Standen
Dip Mgt (Human Resources) Lisa has extensive experience across a range of strategic and operational human resource functions in the government sector including industrial relations, payroll, establishment and recruitment. Lisa is committed to providing high level human resource services by managing, evaluating and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of recruitment and selection services through the implementation and management of processes to achieve compliance with departmental policies and Public Sector Standards. Lisa has worked in the area of classifications: she provided a consultative and advisory role to the Classification Review Committee which serviced a large and diverse client base. Lisa has also taken a leadership role in various HR projects, such as the introduction of a new Performance Development process across the Shared Services Centre, working with clients to implement restructures; providing advice and support on redeployment, quarantining processes and change management. Lisa has extensive knowledge of HR legislation, standards and policies relevant to the WA public sector and has a thorough understanding of the classification framework and approved procedures for the classification of general, SES and Executive (non-SES) positions.
Rick Cummings Rick Cummings Specialist Evaluation Advisor

Rick Cummings

Specialist Evaluation Advisor

Rick Cummings
BA (Hons), MA, PhD, FAES

Rick is a specialist in program evaluation and public policy development and implementation. He holds a Professorial position at Murdoch University and is involved in university research and policy development in the areas of assessment, flexible learning and quality assurance. He also lectures in public policy research methods at postgraduate level and has offered workshops in designing and managing program evaluation contracts and the Standards for Program Evaluation.

Rick has over 30 years experience conducting a wide range of evaluation studies, in the areas of education, health, crime prevention and community development. Prior to joining Murdoch, Rick held senior research and policy development positions in the State Government for twelve years specifically in education and training during which he developed a high level of expertise in policy research, development and implementation, strategic planning, and program evaluation.

Rick is a past President of the Australasian Evaluation Society, and sits on the Society’s professional learning and publications committees.


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