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An overview of Shelby Consulting

Who are we?

Shelby Consulting is a niche management consulting company with highly qualified and experienced consultants helping organisations get the best results from their people and operations.

We provide a unique, fully integrated suite of services, drawing on specialist knowledge and practical experience which span the Management, Human Resources, Evaluation and Professional Development spectrum. Our consultants are highly qualified and experienced with more than 75 organisational reviews and/or restructures, over 250 classification assignments, 600 completed recruitment and selection processes, and 50 evaluations completed, and more than 120 professional development courses delivered. This means we’ve seen a lot of issues in a lot of different contexts and can draw on this knowledge to offer you solutions that work. We’ve worked in both high level leadership, management and operational roles so are pragmatic about what can be achieved. We will offer you a solution that works in practice. We take pride in our accumulated knowledge, and our ability to deliver expertise and insight to our clients. Our reputation is evident in the ongoing consultancies we provide and the many long term relationships with government agencies.

  • "Before the coaching, I was searching to understand more as to my actions in terms of my professional and personal life. The coaching allowed me to identify and understand more about me and the relationship between my true self and the linkage between my actions and at times inaction. I found the process to be challenging yet extremely rewarding. Heather adapted to the situation and brought the best out of me. As a result, I felt comfortable to share with Heather and her professionalism to unpack more of particular topics allowed for greater personal and professional growth. I would recommend Heather for anyone looking to identify what is hidden within them-self and in simple terms understand why we do what we do as it all comes from somewhere and Heather will help you interpret and understand that link."

    Manager, Public Sector Agency
  • "Before the coaching I was looking for a new direction but not sure about taking the plunge. I found the process extremely helpful in a) better understanding what I wanted and b) prioritising how to reach those goals. As a result I have launched my interiors business, and am doing what I love. I would recommend Heather for anyone looking to find clarity. She has a lovely manner, and provides both useful and thought provoking guidance throughout the coaching period."

    Dr Sacha DeVelle, Owner - SDV Interiors
  • "Before the coaching I was struggling to make changes in some aspects of my life that I knew I needed to make, but i could not make any changes stick. I found the process was really well structured and guided. It made me think and work through the issues differently. It was very effective and I appreciated that there was a solid tried and tested logical psychological basis to the process. As a result I have had success with resolving most the issues that I wanted to address during the coaching. I have achieved a different frame of mind - from being 'stuck' - to successfully 'getting on with it!' I would highly recommend Heather for anyone looking to get out of that feeling of being stuck and to successfully move forward with whatever it is that they want to change for the better."

    Philippa, Public Sector Manager
  • "We recently engaged Shelby to help peer review an upcoming community survey. Heather enabled us to re look at our proposal and move away from “local government speak” to develop something that was much more approachable and relevant for our community. I really appreciate her expertise and it gives me confidence in the survey we have created. I look forward to working with Shelby Consulting again in the future."

    Executive Manager, Local Government
  • "Over the years Heather at Shelby Consulting has provided consistently high quality work for the city and is a delight to work with."

    Executive Manager, Local Government
  • "In 2012 Shelby completed data analysis for a large community engagement project with varying types of data collected in many different ways. Heather and her team did an excellent job evaluating the feedback and prepared a report which highlighted key themes for our community that guided the development of our Strategic Community Plan."

    Executive Manager, Local Government
  • "I thought it was very informative and I have come away with a number of strategies to enhance my leadership skills. It was also reaffirming to know that I am heading in a positive direction. Thanks again for a well presented workshop."

    Business Manager Government Department
  • "Shai was very knowledgeable and a good speaker."

    Course Participant, Dealing with Difficult Situations

Why Choose Us

  • Winner of the AES 2014 Best Evaluation Study Award means you know our work has been judged by our peers as excellent
  • 75 business review and organisational restructure assignments – we’re a strong, established team who’s here to support you in the long term
  • 250 classifications and 600 completed recruitment and selection processes provide a wealth of experience to draw from
  • Over 120 professional development assignments – we understand the importance in maintaining employee skills
  • One of the exclusive providers offering the new “Actionable Conversations” platform which uses researched theory to develop leadership, and team development and cohesion in the workplace
  • Selected for government human resources, evaluation and training panels illustrate our quality
  • Clients who keep coming back and who recommend us to their colleagues means you can trust that we will give you the help you need

Our Values

Shelby’s values underpin all of our work. The following values are integral to how we operate.

Our consultants work from a strong technical base with an intimate knowledge of current theory and practice.
We take pride in our accumulated experience which we deliver as expertise and insight to our clients. Our reputation is evident in the ongoing consultancies we are providing and the long term relationships we have with clients.
Our consultants purposely work across a variety of disciplines using cross-disciplinary teams with different models and perspectives providing unique insights. Our combination of highly competent professionals means we can provide our clients with robust analysis.
Forming project teams with appropriate skills and expertise allows flexibility and guarantees resource levels and continuity.
We work cooperatively and take pride in our ability to maintain effective communication with our clients.
Our consultants practice to high ethical and social standards at all times.
Our expert staff works with rigorous and well-proven project management, quality and costing systems. We ensure projects are well resourced and managed and we take pride in our ability to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Shelby is committed to meeting specified timeframes for projects, recognising the importance of this issue to clients in achieving their overall objectives.


Shelby uses an effective quality management system to ensure the effective planning, operation and control of the company’s processes.

Management Responsibility
As part of our comprehensive quality system our project team structures and responsibilities are clearly defined. The Directors of Shelby have the responsibility for the performance and overall management of quality within the organisation. The Directors therefore provide an independent review of the work completed and in progress, and ensure quality has been attained.
Resource Management
Shelby manages human, financial and physical resources in a planned and accountable fashion. To achieve our performance improvement objectives we encourage the development of all staff and empower them in identifying and implementing quality improvement.
Product Realisation
Shelby has developed the processes for product realisation. Planning of product realisation is consistent with the requirements of the quality management system. In planning product realisation we consider the quality objectives and requirements of our clients and the need to establish processes, documents, and provide resources specific to our clients’ needs.
Shelby’s quality system is regularly monitored to ensure standards are maintained and improved and our outputs meet client and company needs and expectations. We systematically use qualitative and quantitative feedback to identify and prioritise improvement opportunities. We also regularly review our quality policy objectives to ensure that they meet client needs and promote our business success.

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