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Shelby partners with enableHR to provide our clients with a cloud based solution that delivers affordable, innovative  HR and WHS compliance management systems.

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A number of our clients are struggling with the complexities of Australian employment law, in particular Awards, Officer Due Diligence obligations under the  Work Health and Safety model laws and the new Bullying laws.  With all businesses facing dire consequences of getting it wrong, as your advisor, we have been on the look-out for ways to help you manage these complexities so that you can run your business better. To this end we are pleased to introduce you to an innovative  HR and WHS  system that will meet your everyday HR needs and protect you from non-compliance.

enableHR is a cloud based HR and WHS tool used by over 8,000 Australian companies that provides you with all the necessary contracts, templates, guides and processes to manage your employees , contractors and Work Health and Safety obligations, with all content backed by  a leading workplace law firm FCB. As it is cloud based, you can access the system anytime, anywhere and enableHR interfaces with most payroll systems to seamlessly set up or update employees files without data duplication.

Why Choose enableHR

  • Backed by FCB Workplace Law
  • Relevant templates and guides
  • Innovative, affordable
  • Accessable 24/7
  • Complete recording keeping

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