Shelby Wins Significant Evaluation Tender.

Shelby Consulting is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the tender to undertake a formal evaluation of the Child and Parent Centre (CPC) initiative by the Department of Education. Announced in December 2010 by the Premier, the CPC initiatives is an investment of $48.7 million which allows a range of children and family services to be located on school sites in 16 vulnerable communities. The CPCs are planned to improve access to a range of programs and services to support families and provide a better start in life for young children. In the evaluation, Shelby Consulting will focus upon:

    • The extent to which the CPC initiative is meeting, or is on track to meet,  its objectives, outcomes and key components.
    • The implementation of the CPC initiative, to inform refinements and identify key success and sustainability factors for future application.
    • Identify opportunities for improvements and make recommendations.

For this evaluation Shelby Consulting offered a realist methodology, which recognises how the place motivations, behaviours and contextual elements shape how the programs work. “One of the reasons we believe we won the tender is the depth of knowledge and demonstrated experience we have in this field” During this project we are delighted to be working with Dr. Gill Westhorp, an internationally recognised leader  in realist methodology; John Scougall, who brings more than 30 years of policy and community development experience working with indigenous communities in WA; Dr. Francesca Robertson, a Senior Research Fellow at Kurongkuri Katitjin Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research at Edith Cowan University; Dr. Jocelyn Grace, who has extensive experience in research and evaluation in the areas of education and health and Raylene Feldman who brings specialist expertise from the Early Childhood sector.