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Shelby Consulting has worked with the members of the public sector housing portfolio to improve their workplace performance and processes since 2007, both within the Department of Housing and Works (DHW) and the Housing Authority (HA). Our consultants have provided high level specialist workplace support, assisted in numerous selection processes, undertaken multiple classification reviews and provided comprehensive professional development services to all levels of the organisation. Shelby has also undertaken evaluations of Housing projects and initiatives, providing an objective perspective and insightful recommendations to further improve Departmental outcomes. With over a decade of experience working with the housing portfolio, we understand your issues and challenges.
People support
Our HR team has assisted with selection processes and recruited many staff including front line operators, coordinators and managers. We have advised on specialist issues like staffing structures, job design, job classifications and general HR matters in this compliance based field.
Evaluation and review
Our evaluation and review team has supported both DHW and HA to gather evidence to make informed decisions about programs and strategies. In 2008 we undertook a review of DHW’s Fitout Panel and in 2015 we completed an evaluation of HA’s Combined Capital Bid. We are experienced in helping the housing industry review and monitor the effectiveness of programs and initiatives. We listen, tailor and deliver solutions to ensure your needs are met.
Business management
Shelby Consulting has conducted a business analysis of the Maintenance and Minor Works Directorate of DHW in 2008. We also successfully undertook a review of Housing Authority key performance indicators.
Our knowledge of the sector means our training can be tailored with relevant examples and scenarios. Shelby has a long relationship with Housing in developing and improving career planning.
How can we help?
Our knowledge of the Housing Sector, along with our broad HR and program evaluation knowledge and experience, means we understand the impact on your organisation. Whatever we assist you with, our understanding of the bigger picture means our professional support and guidance adds value, direction and provides solutions.

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What people say about our Housing Services

  • "I thought it was very informative and I have come away with a number of strategies to enhance my leadership skills. It was also reaffirming to know that I am heading in a positive direction. Thanks again for a well presented workshop."

    Business Manager Government Department
  • "Shelby Consulting was selected to address a number of merit select issues to firstly address a  time issue and the need to ensure that this process was beyond reproach"

    Business Manager, Education Institution
  • "I felt very relaxed that compliance aspects of the process would be met and managed by Shelby’s consultant. And they were."

    Manager, Government Department
  • "I have learnt a lot about Human Resources and different ways of dealing with people in order to get the most out of them for the sake of the business. I have learnt to think outside the box a little more and have the courage to allow the staff here to do the same"

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation

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