Classification Evaluation of Medical Payroll Team


In 2013 Shelby was engaged to undertake a classification review of the Medical Payroll team to assess the work value of these positions compared to traditional payroll positions in the public sector. The difficulty with this evaluation related to quantifying a range of impacting factors related to workload, system functionality and client expectations.

Consultative interviews were conducted with senior management, staff from the Medical Payroll team as well as staff in other payroll teams within the Department. Comprehensive analysis was undertaken to clarify the complexity, variability and special arrangements in place which seriously impact on the workload and work value of the team. Analysis of the management structure within the team, the comparative workload data, as well as examination of client-related factors were undertaken. The final report and recommendation provided an objective analysis of the actual workload while taking into account the sensitivity, variability and complexity of the work arrangements of medical staff throughout the state. The report also made structural and rotational recommendations to reduce stress on payroll team members.

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