Establishment of a Workforce Planning Strategy


In 2011 Shelby Consulting was engaged to examine the roles and responsibilities of the positions, organisational structures and current and future work scenarios to best position the company to meet customer requests. This project required stakeholder consultation and a review of current and future work schedules as well as skills gap analysis through review and overhaul of the existing performance management system. As a result, issues regarding strategy, people and systems were identified and explored, and recommendations made with the aim of resolving issues and providing a functional practical workforce planning strategy, and skills acquisition and development plan.

The review of NGIS’s business involved an analysis of the organisation’s operations and functions. It included consideration of performance indicators, organisational structures and staffing issues as well as consideration of the section’s organisational culture. The review utilised extensive stakeholder consultation, and culminated in a comprehensive report with accompanying strategy broken further down into pragmatic action plans. This project illustrates Shelby’s understanding of effective integrated strategic planning.

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