Evaluation Framework Crime Prevention


In 2011, Shelby worked in collaboration with the Office of Crime Prevention Evaluation Unit in developing a program logic and evaluation framework that encompassed their various crime prevention initiatives and programs, as well as identifying overarching outcomes at the whole of state government level, tying into the State Crime Prevention Plan. Shelby’s team consulted with relevant stakeholders using face to face discussions, telephone interviews and workshops to develop the program logic and explore issues regarding aspects of the programs. Shelby incorporated Performance Indicators into the comprehensive evaluation framework, examining and categorising each to identify how it relates to the initiatives and agency’s outputs and outcomes, and to identify whether it seeks to measure effectiveness or efficiency. The framework was constructed as a hierarchy bringing together outcomes and outputs at strategic and operational levels. Shelby also reviewed the outputs and outcomes and developed a performance measurement framework for the Burglary Reduction Strategy, which was designed to integrate with the overall evaluation framework.

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