Evaluation of Safer Suburbs Project


Safer Suburbs was a set of initiatives funded by the Australian government with the objectives of reducing crime and the fear of crime. The aim of the evaluation, which concluded in 2010, was to provide an overview of the project activities, review the City’s performance indicators and conduct an impact and management evaluation. Shelby reviewed the performance indicators against the guidelines in Department of Treasury and Finance’s Outcomes Based Management guidelines, and against Office of the Auditor General’s Preparing Performance Indicators guidelines, making suggestions for adding, removing and changing a number of indicators.

Shelby also supplemented existing City of Stirling crime and safety statistics and annual customer satisfaction surveys with a “Hotspot” phone survey of 150 residents and interviews with City staff and selected stakeholders. In addition, Shelby obtained city crime data from WA Police as well as ABS population data and Report on Government Services statistics to use as comparisons for the City.

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