Principal and Deputy Principal Classification Review


Shelby was engaged to evaluate the classification framework for Principal and Deputy Principal positions in Western Australian public schools. As part of their Industrial Agreement, the Department of Education committed to reviewing the framework to assess its robustness. The aim of the project was to examine and analyse the classification framework and stakeholder views on it. The report was to be used by the Department in future redesign or replacement of the current classification framework. The evaluation examined metropolitan and regional schools, as well as the different approaches and structures used for primary and secondary positions.

Shelby undertook a desktop review to provide a full insight into the background to the classification framework. Extensive data collection and analysis was then undertaken, which included interviews of a cross section of metropolitan and regional key stakeholders including Departmental staff, Union Representatives, Principals, and Deputy Principals.

Further data was obtained through an on-line survey sent to every public school Principal and Deputy Principal in Western Australia. The survey design incorporated statements based on (often contradictory) views expressed during the consultation phase. This survey design was utilised to stimulate a consideration of varying views to elicit more responses than a standard survey would typically produce.

The preliminary findings were examined by a focus group of key stakeholders and further refined. The Final report provided insight into the different classification frameworks used, analysis of their impact and equity, as well as a summation of the views and ideas of stakeholders.

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