Business Review of Driver Services


This review, completed in 2011, examined the roles and responsibilities of the positions, structures, numbers and selection techniques of the Driver Services Section. Aspects that affected the demand for, and provision of, efficient and effective driver assessments were included in the review, with comparisons with other Australian jurisdictions with regard to the driver assessment fees and charges, and the pass/fail rate. The review was based on a document review and consultation with Departmental staff and external stakeholders and clients. As a result, issues regarding strategy, people and systems were identified and explored, and recommendations made with the aim of resolving issues and providing a functional practical driver assessment service in Western Australia.

The review of the Driver Services involved an analysis of an organisation’s operations and functions. It included consideration of performance indicators, organisational structures and staffing issues as well as consideration of the section’s organisational culture. The review utilised extensive stakeholder consultation and culminated in a comprehensive report.

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