Review of the Young People with Exceptionally Complex Needs (YPECN) Program


Shelby was engaged by the Department of Communities – Child Protection and Family Support in 2018 to review the YPECN Program. This was an interagency government initiative which coordinates support services for young people with multiple diagnoses or issues and complex needs. The review was required as the program had been in operation for five years and there were a number of changes occurring, including changes in funding, amalgamation of departments, impacts of the NDIS, and the adult PECN program ceasing.

This review used available documentation and data, as well as stakeholder interviews. A desktop review was completed and program logic developed to ensure a clear understanding of the program. A total of 39 stakeholders provided input: 22 agency personnel regarding the overall program, and 17 stakeholders (including local agency personnel from interagency service teams, clients and their families) regarding four example cases. The project incorporated interviews with vulnerable Aboriginal clients as a key component of the qualitative data. The data was collected, analysed and reported.

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