WA Police Business Service Review


This review involved the development of a business case for the provision of building services management for the WA Police. This included identifying the consequences of the decisions for WA Police, the primary options for dealing with the consequences, and working with them to develop the most appropriate option and develop a business case for this. This included an analysis of the roles and duties of building service managers and aligning them with future operational requirements; providing options for the future, issues that may arise and how to address them; additional duties placed on staff; how it will affect the staff; managing the positions.

The review was based on an extensive review of JDFs/service specifications and interviews with BSMs, WA Police staff, DHW staff. Additional consultation regarding options with internal stakeholders, private contractors, other govt departments with similar roles or requirements to identify advantages and disadvantages, costs and implications of different options was also undertaken. As well as an analysis of the business unit’s operations, function and culture and consideration of performance indicators, structures and staffing issues.

As a result, recommendations were developed and endorsed with the aim of resolving issues and providing a functional practical driver assessment service in Western Australia.

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