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Results coaching uses techniques based on neuroscience to harness the full power of your conscious and subconscious mind and propel you where you want to go.

We know people use only a very tiny portion of their brains. Most of the time the bit we use is running on autopilot. And most of the time we’re running old brain software – long after an update is due.

If you suspect that sometimes you get in your own way, we can help you identify and remove blocks and expand your thinking. With new thinking come new options and the ability to design your way forward rather than following out-of-date subconscious programming.

Neuroscientists have come to understand the different decision making mechanisms in our brains, what they are designed for, and how they can help and hinder us as we go about our life and work. From this knowledge, we now have simple techniques to take our brains off autopilot and take control of these mechanisms.  We use a proven, structured system, based on this knowledge and using these techniques, so it’s guaranteed to produce results.

We have successfully coached public and private sector executives, professionals and business owners, from a diverse range of industries, to set and achieve goals, improve relationships, overcome blocks and lead change.

We are confident this system will work for you if you or someone in your team is looking to:
• Better manage priorities and workload
• Improve your/their communication style and have effective conversations
• Get support for implementing change
• Find a safe place to discuss and resolve workplace issues
• Better grow and lead your/their team
• Delegate and lead effectively
• Increase self knowledge and skills
• Take your performance to the next level

How is this different from life coaching?
Our results coaching is based on a system based on science, evidence and many years of proven practice. It is focussed on creating results through taking control of thought processes and accredited by the International Coaching Federation . That’s why we think it’s better described as results or mindset coaching.

I work in a specialised industry – how can you help me?
Results coaching is about using proven processes and strategies based on neuroscientific knowledge of our brains to harness your subconscious mind and overcome instincts which were developed for another time and for different challenges.

I bring a deep knowledge about setting and achieving goals that stick, and you bring the technical knowledge. I will facilitate you finding and sticking to your chosen path forward.

Can’t I just talk things through with my friends or colleagues?
Sure, you could… but I suspect you’re on this page because that didn’t work for you. The people we know can sometimes help you move forward, but sometimes they may also unwittingly hold you back. Their brains don’t like change either; they like you just the way you are.
I’ve used other coaches in the past, but they didn’t work.
Yeah, me too. That’s why I became a certified coach – I wanted techniques that would actually achieve outcomes. I get results for my clients over and over, so I know it works.
Why do I need to buy a package? Can’t I have single session?
The results coaching method works, but it isn’t magic. We will need time to step through the process to get the results you want. It took a long time to get you where you are and refocusing successfully simply can’t be achieved in one session. It is important to understand that and be committed to more than just a quick fix.

If you have reached your goals before your six sessions are up, we will simply refund you the balance.

Am I going to be stuck doing this forever?
Part of the results coaching structured approach is for me to teach you techniques that get your brain working for you. These will become part of your arsenal of tools, to use whenever you wish, to get control of your mind.

In saying that though, the amount of time you need depends on how many challenges you want to work on, and how far and how fast you want to move. It’s also not uncommon for people to come back for a refresher when they hit a substantial challenge or when they are seeking new growth. When people are seeking substantial ongoing changes, the coaching relationship may span a number of years.

Why are the sessions by phone? Can’t I have one face to face?
In today’s day and age, where everyone is desperately busy, a phone is an effective tool to save time.

Not only that, but being able to take a phone call and have the session in your own space, away from distraction, in a comfortable, convenient location, prevents the coaching from becoming an impost on your busy schedule.

I coach people from around Australia and it really is very easy and convenient for both myself and my clients.

Package details
• 1 free discovery session
• 6 sessions over 3 months (1 per fortnight)
• Each session runs for approximately 1 hour
• Self-set homework to support change
• Unlimited email support
• $1497 inc gst

Results You Can See or Your Money Back.

We know you’ll be delighted with the changes to your mindset and results but if after the first session you’re not confident that our sessions will bring you the results you seek, we will provide a full refund.*

What Others Are Saying

  • "Before the coaching, I was searching to understand more as to my actions in terms of my professional and personal life. The coaching allowed me to identify and understand more about me and the relationship between my true self and the linkage between my actions and at times inaction. I found the process to be challenging yet extremely rewarding. Heather adapted to the situation and brought the best out of me. As a result, I felt comfortable to share with Heather and her professionalism to unpack more of particular topics allowed for greater personal and professional growth. I would recommend Heather for anyone looking to identify what is hidden within them-self and in simple terms understand why we do what we do as it all comes from somewhere and Heather will help you interpret and understand that link."

    Manager, Public Sector Agency
  • "Before the coaching I was looking for a new direction but not sure about taking the plunge. I found the process extremely helpful in a) better understanding what I wanted and b) prioritising how to reach those goals. As a result I have launched my interiors business, and am doing what I love. I would recommend Heather for anyone looking to find clarity. She has a lovely manner, and provides both useful and thought provoking guidance throughout the coaching period."

    Dr Sacha DeVelle, Owner - SDV Interiors
  • "Before the coaching I was struggling to make changes in some aspects of my life that I knew I needed to make, but i could not make any changes stick. I found the process was really well structured and guided. It made me think and work through the issues differently. It was very effective and I appreciated that there was a solid tried and tested logical psychological basis to the process. As a result I have had success with resolving most the issues that I wanted to address during the coaching. I have achieved a different frame of mind - from being 'stuck' - to successfully 'getting on with it!' I would highly recommend Heather for anyone looking to get out of that feeling of being stuck and to successfully move forward with whatever it is that they want to change for the better."

    Philippa, Public Sector Manager

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