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We are different. We will listen to what you want to achieve and won’t apply a cookie cutter solution.

Shelby has been supporting organisations and agencies since 2006, so we know what we’re talking about.

Organisational Review & Change Management
Are you planning to make some changes? Shelby recognises the difficulties that can be faced in planning and redesigning your workforce as well as communicating and implementing change. We have a proven framework and range of tools and strategies to help you navigate this necessary area of work as smoothly as possible and minimise resistance or disruption. Our knowledge and experience, and science based management approaches means we understand the impact on your organisation whether it be devolution of functions and responsibilities, amalgamation into MOG or breaking down silos and improving collaboration. Whatever we assist you with, our understanding of the bigger picture means our relevant support and guidance adds value to your organisation. Our services and expertise make the change process easier to manage and give you a valuable benefits realisation and ROI template.
Strategic Planning Services
Can’t see the wood for the trees? Shelby recognises that sometimes you just need a helping hand and an alternative professional viewpoint to determine what is important for you and your team to achieve and workout how you are going to get there. Our experienced consultants have worked across all streams of organisations so can always provide valuable knowledge and assistance.
Coaching & Facilitation
Need to improve your leadership skills or those of your team? Our results coach works with you to target areas for improvement and supports you with proven strategies and practices to ensure any behaviour changes stick. Alternatively, if you have a particular issue you need to work through we can coach you through to developing a strategy to manage it. Or we can facilitate team building exercises or other group activities.
Recruitment & Selection
Finding the right people can be difficult and time consuming as you navigate your way through the recruitment systems and procedures. Let us take the headache out of your next recruitment process. Our consultants each have at least 20 years experience in this field, ensuring compliance with the Public Sector Standards. We are trained in RAMS, and have been using it since its introduction. We can provide a full support service from identifying a vacancy and advertising the role to finalising an appointment, or you can select whatever help you need. This service has been our bread and butter so we offer a streamlined value-for-money service.
Restructure, Classification & Job Design
Think something could be done better? Is the JDF still reflective of what you need doing? If so we are here to help. If you’re planning to review your staffing structure, create new positions or review the classification levels of current roles, our consultants are trained and skilled in a number of job evaluation methodologies including BIPERS and CED. We offer the full range of support in this area for single or multiple positions, including job and organisational design and process reengineering at any level of the business. We add value by using vertical and horizontal analysis to align functions, processes and people. All accompanied by a comprehensive report.
Managing Underperformers & Difficult Staff
Dealing with difficult people can be extremely time consuming and destructive within a team. We provide advice, guidance, coaching or mentoring to help you develop strategies to deal with a difficult or non-performing staff member, or we can collaborate with a senior representative to lead their management. We would help you develop a better interaction with them where possible or support you to work through an effective performance management process.

What people say about our Human Resources Services

  • "I thought it was very informative and I have come away with a number of strategies to enhance my leadership skills. It was also reaffirming to know that I am heading in a positive direction. Thanks again for a well presented workshop."

    Business Manager Government Department
  • "Shelby Consulting was selected to address a number of merit select issues to firstly address a  time issue and the need to ensure that this process was beyond reproach"

    Business Manager, Education Institution
  • "I felt very relaxed that compliance aspects of the process would be met and managed by Shelby’s consultant. And they were."

    Manager, Government Department
  • "I have learnt a lot about Human Resources and different ways of dealing with people in order to get the most out of them for the sake of the business. I have learnt to think outside the box a little more and have the courage to allow the staff here to do the same"

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation

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