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All our consultants have worked in operational and management roles. We know how it works in practice.

Our experienced consultants are available to provide the following services

Business Reviews
We carry out wide-ranging reviews of organisations, looking at context, structure, legislative requirements, strategic objectives, people, planning, systems and processes, providing recommendations to promote organisational improvement. We gain internal and external stakeholder input, analysing strategic factors and best practice and developing client options. We take a consultative and collaborative approach to strategic organisational reviews to ensure that the best possible options are presented and that there is agreement on the outcomes at each stage. We can also assist with an implementation plan and facilitate the change management process.
Process & Policy Reviews
In a world of constant change , periodic review is important to keep on track and streamline operations. We can assess whether services are being successfully delivered and update processes or develop business cases for more appropriate delivery, address issues of efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and transparency issues. We identify strategies and goals at a company or program level, and make recommendations for sustainability, identifying their impact on the organisation’s structure and financial performance. For policy reviews we collaborate with key staff and use document review and stakeholder consultation to keep policies in line with good practice.
Strategic Planning
Creating and updating a strategic plan and organisational vision ensures that everyone shares a view for the future and how it will be achieved. One-on-one interviews, focus group discussions and/or facilitated workshops may be used to elucidate the Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, Priorities, Actions and Outcome Measures.
Key Performance Indicator Analysis
Properly constructed, and used within a context of measurement and improvement, key performance indicators (KPIs) help an organisation define, analyse and monitor its operations. To be effective, KPIs must be developed insightfully to ensure they don’t produce unexpected results. Shelby can examine existing KPIs or develop a new framework, identifying appropriate measures that align with strategic or operational objectives, and which measure activities, processes or personnel accomplishments. We also examine KPIs to ensure they conform to the Outcomes Based Management: Guidelines for the WA Public Sector (Department of Treasury and Finance) and Preparing Performance Indicators (Office of the Auditor General) Our approach is to use broad consultation to incorporate essential corporate knowledge as well as to build a continuous improvement culture and achieve stakeholder buy-in.

What people say about our Management Services

  • "I thought it was very informative and I have come away with a number of strategies to enhance my leadership skills. It was also reaffirming to know that I am heading in a positive direction. Thanks again for a well presented workshop."

    Business Manager Government Department
  • "Shelby developed our strategic plan and pulled together all the groups involved, this helped to provide clear focus to our community based management board and we started to see real results."

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation
  • "Shelby could easily work across a range of organisations from community based to corporate organisations."

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation
  • "Shelby Consulting has a very hands on practical way of supporting our business. They ensure they go the extra mile."

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation

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