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Shelby Consulting offers the following courses and can deliver them upon request

Difficult Situations

By attending these courses, you will learn how to deal with the difficult situations which are an unfortunate reality in our contemporary world. Learn the necessary skills to contend with them as they arise.

Course Half Day Full Day
Code Cost ($) Code Cost ($)
Resilience and Stress Management 1STR 180 2STR  300
Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (Public Sector) 1AEDM  180 2AEDM  300

Engaging with Others

John Donne famously said “no man is an island”. Learn to create symbiotic relationships with internal and external stakeholders; being able to communicate effectively is integral to any job.
Course Half Day Full Day
Code Cost ($) Code Cost ($)
Facilitation Skills 1FAC 180 2FAC 300
Customer Service 1CUS 180 2CUS 300
Emotional Intelligence 1EMO 180 2EMO 300

Employment Market

By attending these courses you will increase your chances of securing your dream job. The workforce is more competitive than ever before. Learn how to address selection criteria, understand the shortlisting process and present well to a potential employer.
Course Half Day Full Day
Code Cost ($) Code Cost ($)
Addressing Public Sector Selection Criteria 1JOB 180 2JOB 300
Job Application and Interview Skills (Public Sector) 1JBIN 180 2JBIN 300
Selection Panel Training for Public Sector 1SEL 180 2SEL 300
Career Management 1CMG 180 2CMH 300

Leadership Development

Learn how to direct, motivate and supervise your team. Leading others is an intricate and complex skill; develop yours by undertaking these courses.
Course Half Day Full Day
Code Cost ($) Code Cost ($)
Leading and Managing Teams 1LMT 180 2LMT 300
Change Management 1CHM 180 2CHM 300
Conflict Management 1CON 180 2CON 300
To minimise the disruption to your organisation, we can conduct group professional development in-house. Please contact Shelby Consulting on 08 9472 8722 for more information.

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