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Make changes that are meaningful, sustainable and measurable – get it done so it actually works.

We’ve used our broad knowledge and skills to craft a package so you can make the changes you need and get to delivering services with your new model – quickly.

Restructure and Redesign
Our knowledge of the WA public sector is unparalleled: with experience with more than 197 clients in pretty much every state agency and authority there are few organisations we aren’t familiar with – from top to bottom.

Using our extensive experience and analytical capabilities we translate functional requirements into structures that work. Then we roll that out from top to bottom, using vertical and horizontal analysis to align functions, processes and people. The devil is often in the detail, so we make sure that it’s right. Our rigorous project management approach ensures that nothing gets overlooked or deadlines missed.

Effective and Sustainable Change Management
Business improvement and continuous change are inevitable so managing that change effectively is critical. Changing a structure is one thing but it means nothing without your people on board to make the transition work. Here at Shelby we have developed a proven framework incorporating scientific principles and real-time monitoring and measurement that ensures you are able to realise benefits quickly.

We use a proven internationally developed innovation and accountability platform to deliver and build a supportive and collaborative culture. Sustainability of your initiative is ensured through a program that promotes micro behaviour changes over time. Delivering extreme value for money; it makes it possible to roll out development opportunities, provide empowerment and increase engagement more consistently than other models, with measurable results.

Change can be difficult unless people see the value; this is why we incorporate a meaningful communication plan with every project and build change management capability across all levels of the organisation.

You need key internal people to drive the change. Our Results Coach uses skills and knowledge garnered from an internationally accredited training course. These proven techniques are delivered using a structured system based on the latest knowledge of neuroscience to act on mindset, clearing subconscious blocks and delivering objectives.

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We Guarantee that our Recommendations will clearly be Based on Data, and will be Relevant to your Organisation.*

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What Others Are Saying

  • "I thought it was very informative and I have come away with a number of strategies to enhance my leadership skills. It was also reaffirming to know that I am heading in a positive direction. Thanks again for a well presented workshop."

    Business Manager Government Department
  • "Shelby developed our strategic plan and pulled together all the groups involved, this helped to provide clear focus to our community based management board and we started to see real results."

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation
  • "Shelby could easily work across a range of organisations from community based to corporate organisations."

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation
  • "Shelby Consulting has a very hands on practical way of supporting our business. They ensure they go the extra mile."

    Executive Director, Not for Profit Organisation

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