Upcoming Seminar On Evaluation Approaches

Seminar: Evaluation Approaches

Date and Time: Tuesday, 24 March 2015, from 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Venue: Albert Facey House, Training Room 2 (ground floor), 469 Wellinton Street, Perth, WA 6000
Presenter:Heather Aquilina, Director, Shelby Consulting
Cost: This is a free event and you are welcome to bring your lunch to the seminar

Register online by 19 March 2015

How do you decide which one to use? This seminar will locate the variety of approaches into frameworks of world view, level of program development, and type of data. It will then tease out the pros and cons of each approach as well as when and where they are most appropriate to use.

Heather Aquilina is Director Evaluation and Review at Shelby Consulting and was awarded the 2014 Best Evaluation Award in partnership with the University of Melbourne and Murdoch University for the Evaluation of the Western Australian Independent Public Schools (IPS) initiative. Heather specialises in Education, Health, Justice and Indigenous evaluations and business reviews.

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