Frequently Asked Questions

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General Queries

What are Shelby Consulting’s specialty areas?

Shelby Consulting has four main facets: Business Management, Evaluation Services, Human Resources and Professional Development. We excel in business research, analysis and synthesis, development of solutions and communicating findings and combine these skills in many varied ways to solve our clients problems.

What can you expect from a Shelby consultant?

Our consultants are experienced professionals who are committed to delivering results and exceeding clients’ expectations.

How much does Shelby Consulting charge?

At Shelby, our quotes are based on hourly rates. These vary depending on the complexity of the project and the level of the consultant who is involved. Our consultants can provide you with a free quote and will be considerate of your budget. As a guide, our Directors’ input is valued at $145 – $250 per hour, our Senior Consultants at $132 – $220 per hour and our Junior Consultants at $88 – 110 per hour.

We are passionate about offering our clients value for money. Shelby Consulting has remained a small business for this reason: we do not have the overheads associated with large companies and therefore we are able to continue offering our clients the best prices possible. We have worked in operational roles and understand budget constraints. Shelby Consulting will work within your budget and deliver you value for money every time.

Who are our clients?

Shelby Consulting has a broad and varied list of happy clients including state and local government, not-for-profit and private sector organisations.

How can you contact Shelby Consulting?

Phone us on 08 9472 8722, email us at or fill in the booking form on our home page to organise a telephone call or meeting. To receive updates and new publications from Shelby Consulting, please subcribe to our mailing list.

Management Services

What business management services does Shelby provide?

We provide services such as business reviews, process and policy reviews, strategic planning and key performance indicator analysis.

How does Shelby communicate with stakeholders?

We gain internal and external stakeholder input. We collaborate with key staff and use document review and stakeholder consultation to keep policies in line with good practice.

My business is a bit different... Can you still help me?

Our consultants are experienced working in both large and small organisations in many different contexts. Our key skills can be applied to many different circumstances. Ask us the question and we’ll let you know how we can help or if we can’t.

Evaluation Services

What kind of evaluation do you specialise in?

We incorporate different evaluation approaches to suit individual projects. We do process (implementation) evaluations and outcome evaluations and review program design against good practice. Our preference is to utilise a mixed method approach and we are experienced in both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.

How much does an evaluation cost?

The cost of an evaluation can vary widely with the size of the project and the detail of the information you are looking for. For some clients, we set up the framework and help them with the analysis, while they do the data collection. This might cost less than $10,000. Our biggest contract has been for $275,000 for a complex evaluation of multiple sites over two years. Our services are based on an hourly rate which is $154 to $220 for director or specialist evaluation advisor, $121 to $165 for a senior consultant and $75 to $110 for project support, depending on the project’s complexity and size.

Can I just get a bit of advice?

If you are just looking for a bit of help, we are happy to discuss your project over the phone. Shelby Consulting offers all our clients a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements. If you just require advice or coaching for a particular situation we are happy to provide you with a quote based on hourly rates.

Human Resources Services

What is the role of an external consultancy such as Shelby Consulting in a selection process?

We support agencies and organisations through the process of recruitment and selection. Typically, we will participate in shortlisting, interviewing, reference checks and report writing. We can also contact the successful and unsuccessful applicants on your behalf; although many employers prefer to do this themselves. We can also organise advertising if required.

Do I need to engage Shelby Consulting in the entire recruitment process?

No. Many of our clients commission us to work only on particular aspects of the overall process, for example helping them to shortlist. If you are just looking for a bit of help, we are happy to discuss your project over the phone. Shelby Consulting offers all our clients a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

Can I get a Recruitment and Selection quote online?

Yes! If you are a government agency, to get a quick online quote, tailored to your needs, simply fill out the quote generator on our Human Resources page.

What does a government selection process entail?

A government selection process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Advertising the position
  2. Shortlisting applications
  3. Interviewing the most competitive applicants
  4. Reference checking the most competitive applicant/s
  5. Writing the selection report
  6. Getting the selection report signed by the panel members
  7. Sending notifications to all applicants advising of the outcome
  8. A breach period (typically 4 days)
  9. Finalisation: if there are no breach claims, advising the recommended applicant of their appointment

Professional Development Services

How many people will be on the course?

Our public course minimum is 8 participants; our maximum varies depending on the venue. We aim to have 20 participants in each session to aid discussion and group exercises.

Will I have to pay for parking?

Some locations will offer free parking. We advise you to contact the venue to confirm.

Should I bring lunch?

If you are attending a half day course, tea, coffee and a light snack will be provided. If you are attending a full day course, you will also receive lunch and a light snack in the afternoon. No additional charges apply.

What resources do I receive?

You will be provided with various information to take home including powerpoint slides, checklists and information pages.